A film by Florian Zeyfang, Alexander Schmoeger, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Germany 2015, HDvideo, 22 minutes

A documentary film about one of the early, euphoric building experiments right after the Cuban revolution. The architecture of the "Instituto technologico de suelos y fertilizantes" by Vittorio Garatti seems futuristic: Elevated walkways connect the buildings and the whole compound touches the ground only on few points. From its opening in 1965 until its early closing, about 2000 students of agriculture learned and lived there.The complex is now empty. The ruin lies like a stranded space- ship in the flatlands near Guines, an ark for ideas still to be realized

Architecturas Filmfestival Lisbon 2015 | awarded as Best International Short Film

VIENNALE 2015 04. and 05. Nov.| Cinema Metro

NEW YORK | Goethe Institute 15. Oct. 2015

63. Berlinale Forum Expanded | 08. Feb.2015 | Akademie der Kuenste 10 Feb. 2015 | Cinema Arsenal 1





















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